Rocket Swap - UIKit website for stacking and farming

UIKit website for stacking and farming


rocket swap is a uikit design website for crypto. starting from stacking, farming, IDO and others.

We make it in a website version and also a mobile or responsive version, and it is accompanied by a style guide to make it easier for you to use or modify this design.
what is the flow in this design?
1. Homepage
2. Exchange - Swap Coin
3. Exchange - LP
4. Exchange - Transaction history
5. Exchange - Confirmation
6. Exchange - Setting
7. Farming
8. Stacking
9. IDO
10. Confirm Stacking
11. About Team
12. Voting
13. Make document for voting
14. Voting detail
15. and much more
hope you like it.
please like and give feedback for me

$40 USD
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  • ✔️ Full Customizable
  • ✔️ Style Guide
  • ✔️ Neatly & Organized Layer
  • ✔️ 20+ UI design screen
  • ✔️ Fully Responsive
  • ✔️ Using Google font



Created by

Minialis studio team

Released on 25 august 2022

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